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to compliment the our manufacturing portfolio, we entered many years ago into the maintenance and overhauls of equipment, where the replacement of seals, gaskets or other non metallic spare parts is key in the repair industry. we are unique in regard of industry coverage. we serve oil and gas accounts, steel and rolling mills, food and beverage producers, mining plants, pulp and paper industries, hydropower plants, chemical plants and many more.

cylinder repair

to compliment our manufacturing portfolio, we entered into the maintenance and overhauls of equipment, where the replacement of seals, gaskets or other spare part is key. our services includes cylinder design & manufacturing, sealing system upgrade, metal spare part manufacturing, cylinder testing, pickup and delivery services.

  • site inspection
  • pick up & delivery service
  • cylinder engineering
  • sealing system upgrade
  • dismantling & assembly
  • parts remanufacturing
  • seal manufacturing
  • chrome plating
  • testing

industrial valve repair

valves can develop issues over time due to wear and tear, corrosion, erosion, or other factors. valve repair becomes necessary when these issues affect the performance and reliability of the valve.

  • strip down at the site
  • pick up & delivery
  • dismantling inhouse
  • inspection inhouse
  • sandblasting & surface treatment
  • face repair
  • seal engineering & production
  • assembly
  • testing

flushing service

the objective of flushing a hydraulic system is to eliminate sludge, varnish, debris and contaminated or degraded fluid from conductor walls and other internal surfaces and system dead spots. the filtration system of a hydraulic system is not designed to clean dead spots. dead spots can only be cleaned with high velocity turbulent flow. we strongly suggest to flush a system as part of the commissioning process and every 1 – 2 years of normal operation. this will enhance the service life of the cylinders drastically. flushing must be an integrated part of preventive maintenance.

  • hydraulic flow chart for cleaning process
  • flushing routine to reach the required oil purity level
  • flushing rig
  • fitting & hoses
  • consumables
  • mob & demob of equipment

loading arm repair

loading arms, also known as a mechanical loading arms or MLA are mechanical structures with articulated steel pipes to connect tankships or tank trucks with the cargo terminal. for the flexible movement, MLA’s have swivel joints with quality sealing systems to contain the mostly aggressive media like crude oil and other chemicals in the system. because of the aggressive media, MLA’s need regular maintenance mainly to replace the sealing systems.

  • strip down at the site
  • repair of smaller structure
  • dismantling at the site or inhouse
  • remanufacturing of worn out metal parts
  • manufacturing of seals & sliding parts
  • assembly
  • testing
  • installation at the jetty

technical service for mini hydro projects

in this field, seal-mart is the local partner for turbine maker, pipe manufacturer and intake supplier of hydro plants up to 30MW per turbine. we cover for european manufactures the local QA, procurement, installation and commissioning of equipment, mechanically and electrically. our local team is always backed up by supervisors of the european supplier.

  • construction supervision
  • manufacturing of steel structures like piping & bifurcation
  • local procurement of transformers
  • local procurement of LV and MV switchgears
  • turbine installation
  • generator installation
  • GRP pipe installation
  • electro installation of the complete powerhouse
  • installation of the control system for intake and
  • commissioning works
  • long term maintenance contracts after the guarantee period
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